Thursday, June 23, 2016

Vaxxed the Movie in Jacksonville Beach Florida

By: Mary Holt
As the Vaxxed documentary showing comes to a close tonight at the Beach’s Regal 18 movie theater, I world like to encourage all to go and see this intriguing documentary, if you haven’t already. Full of shocking facts with plenty of substantial evidence about CDC’s scheduled vaccines for our children, it includes heart-wrenching stories, told by affected parents of the families presently dealing with their kids, who have been previously diagnosed with ASD. These families give testimony to what they believe may very well be the cause of their Autistic children. This movie features Del Bigtree, former producer of the popular TV show The Doctors and CDC head scientist and “whistleblower” Dr. William Thompson. This documentary offers information that may indicate a recently discovered possible link between the MMR vaccine and the ever rising rate of U.S. infants and children permanently injured by barely tested vaccines. It sheds light on the appalling fact that our children’s vaccines are not tested nearly as rigorously as our “over-the-counter” drugs, instead they are automatically shoved into an already “safe” category with nearly no testing, because they are already “dead” diseases. Be sure to sure to follow the currently unfolding story, still evolving as we rally together to push congress to subpoena Dr. Thompson. More information can be found online at

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