Monday, March 4, 2013

A Special Place in Hell.....

One of my first blogs last September began like this:

“Attention to Priests, Clergy, Church Leaders: Incredible Impact!

“This blog is being written as a notice and warning to priests, clergy and church leaders of all kinds.
You have an incalculable impact on the souls of all people - Catholic and non-Catholic alike.  Unfortunately, few of you will read this blog but I put it our there anyway in the hope that it will reach some of you.”
At that time, I was thinking of the small things that priests, clergy and church leaders did and failed to do.  I was not even thinking about the bigger scandalous things like pedophilia, fornication and adultery. That there was a possible major rot at the core of our Church leadership was nowhere in my imagination at that time.  And, now, we learn that there may be a huge scandal of major proportions at the heart of our Church leadership.

Before I address this further, I want to point out that in Dante’s Inferno, as I recall, there was a special place in hell for those of high importance who betrayed the duties of their position.  We, in the Church, give the highest esteem not only to the Pope but, also, to the Cardinals and to the Archbishops, Bishops and Priests, who we follow as our shepherds in the faith and, in return, we expect them to lead by example - to lead exemplary lives as our Christian leaders.  As St. Francis of Assisi said to his disciples let’s go teach the faith and, if necessary, use words!
Over the last 40 years we, the faithful, have had to endure recurring stories of our clergy involved in sexual scandals of all sorts such as pedophilia, homosexuality, fornication and adultery.  Not only was that bad enough in and of itself but we, also, learned of the rampant scandal involving the sometime criminal cover up of these misdeeds and illegal acts by our bishops, archbishops and cardinals.  We kept praying that this would come to an end but it has not.  Now, we are learning that there is a possible widespread scandal of homosexuality in the Vatican among the hierarchy including Cardinals.  We learn about secret reports.  We learn about more cover ups.  We have the recent resignation by the Cardinal for Scotland and England in light of accusations, not by lay people but by 3 priests!  Once again, there is more secrecy at the highest levels.  Why?  Once the light and the law has been shined upon the misdeeds and unlawful activities of the clergy, the end of this has come to a near end.  I understand the need to protect the innocent from false accusations but can accusations made by priests against the hierarchy be ignored? 

If there are many homosexuals among the hierarchy, it causes me to wonder if that is the reason that the Church leadership has not taken a more active role in opposing same sex marriages as the Church admirably does in fighting abortion.

In my very simplistic view, the Church of Jesus doe not consist of the buildings including fine churches as well as the Basilica of St. Peter nor of the hierarchy but of all of us as members of the Body of Christ.  So, if there is a fever or a cancer in this Body, we are all affected and have an interest in learning about it and treating it even if it means treating it even by surgery if necessary, to save it and to nurture its health.

Give us the transparency we are entitled to have.  Secret knowledge as a basis of Christianity in the form of Gnosticism was repudiated in the early Church as a heresy.  So, let us know what is going on in the heart of our Church leadership today.  Maintain the confidentiality of the innocent but don’t continue with the scandalous behavior of covering it up.

I just happen to think that there may very well be a special place in hell for any Church leaders who engage in either this despicable behavior and those who assist in the cover up of it.

As I said in my prior blog, where does it all end?

Now, you know what I think and I would very much like to know what you think about this subject.   

Let the light of our Lord shine upon you!

REM (Ray Makowski) Co-Founder, Director and Secretary-Treasurer


  1. I do agree with most of what you say Ray in particular of the Mighty Cover Up by the Catholic Church on Pedophelia. I do pray that the clergy involved are held accountable for their despicable behaviour over such a long, long time.My heart goes out to the victims of these parasites who have preyed on the vulnerable people in their flock.

    My new and heartfelt prayer for the Catholic Church's survival and credibility is this. I pray that the new Pope, is a younger, fitter, healthier and mentally strong Pope, who will stand up and be counted. One that we can revere because of his leadership and integrity. One who will take ownership and not run from this huge responsibility of the horrific goings on that were.

    Pope Benedict as wonderful as he was for us, should be commended for standing down and let's pray that it is a new start for the Catholics of the world

    Mardy (Australia)

  2. Whenever a trusted leader violates that trust, it is even more stinging than when anyone else does it. Because we expect more, we are more horrified when we learn of abuse and violations. With all the scandals that seem to be ongoing, one may be tempted to ask whether the clergy attracts more than its fair share of child molesters, homosexuals, fornicators, etc. This seems doubtful, although the publicity may make it seem so. Perhaps the priesthood may be seen as a "good cover" for those engaged in sexual misconduct. Whatever the causes, the individuals involved must always be identified, removed, and charged in court for their abuses. To do less, to turn a blind eye to abuse, creates co-conspirators and blanket acceptance of the violations of trust. Ethics and accountability start at the top. Transparency is never easy when times are difficult, but that is just exactly the time when transparency is more important than ever. May the election of a new Pope herald the start of a new morality and transparency on the part of every priest, bishop, cardinal, and every member of the Catholic Church, as well as all spiritual people everywhere. It is long overdue.

    Ray, I think your blog was so timely and reflected the outrage that so many are feeling with the grievous transgressions of their leaders in the Church now. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. They always get me thinking.

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