Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year! And, a suggestion....

Have a very happy, healthy, and prosperous new year to you, your family and friends!!! 

As at Christmas, I share this wish to you not only for myself but, also, on behalf of the officers, staff and volunteers of Queen of Peace Radio.

As we progress from the old year to the new, it is customary to reflect upon our goals, dreams and aspirations that we would like to see accomplished by this time next year.  We are motivated by such sayings that if you fail to plan, you plan to fail.  So, whatever you plan for yourself, I hope that you succeed so long as it is moral, ethical, and lawful.

I just want to give you a suggestion.  Add to your to-do list, this one simple thing - try each day to do one simple act of kindness.  Not a random act of kindness but one simple planned act of kindness for each day.  Just a smile or kiss to your family, opening a door for someone, letting a car into your lane, or a smile to someone. 
Now, this is very simple, I know.  But, think about it - if you do it, you will have done at least 365 acts of kindness by the end of 2013!  You will have made an impact on other people’s lives 365 times.  And, it will not have cost you anything more than a small act of planned kindness.

The strange thing about this is that it becomes habitual and a regular part of your life.  Just think how much this would accomplish if more and more people would do this on a regular basis. 

There was a story on television on a news program recently about a city where people regularly pay for the orders of the next person in line at drive through fast food restaurants and that it is not unusual to go for as long as an half hour with everyone paying for the orders of the cars behind them.

Maybe it sounds silly but I think that is great.  And, I think Americans are really that kind of people.  Look at how we step up for each other in fund raising and volunteer help whenever a bad storm or event strikes another community.  I just think that we all have it in us to do planned, not random, acts of daily kindness.

Let me know what you think.

Let the light of our Lord shine upon you!

REM (Ray Makowski) Co-Founder, Director and Secretary-Treasurer


  1. Great Idea !!!!!!

  2. Ray. what a delightful blog and what a wonderful way to dedicate oneself to improving the world, one small kindness at a time! We can create a kinder, gentler world by following your sage advice.
    Thank you for the suggestion. Not only will it improve the world around us, but it will improve us, as well. Let's start today and keep going, keep paying it forward until we are at the end of 2013 and the world is a better place to live it. Happy New Year!