Friday, September 7, 2012

Behind the Blog

I thought that I would explain this blog and my process of choosing topics. 

In late July, Tom Moran, our station manager, and I were discussing social media and how we could engage our listeners to become more involved.  In the process, we discussed blogging and whether or not it would work.  Since Tom is so busy with station activities, I volunteered to try my hand at it since I had never done it before.  So, please excuse my inexperience at this new venture for me.

Also, please note that the content of the blog is mine and mine alone.  Neither the station nor the board of directors is responsible for anything in its contents.  They are just kind enough to let us give it the go.  If there are any errors in content, they are mine and mine alone.
My choice of topics is based upon current events affecting our Christianity and Catholicism.  I look at sources such as the diocesan magazine, diocesan events such as the Bishop’s recent auditing sessions which was the subject of my first blog, messages from the Bishop, and topics that I come across while discussing matters with friends, colleagues, my study group, and people with whom I come in contact.

So, there is no planned or preprogrammed list of topics.  I like the flexibility because if it is on someone’s mind now it, probably, is a subject on the minds of others as well and is worthy of a blog.
So, if you have an idea for a future blog, let us know by emailing us at the station and I will consider it for a future blog.  I am, now, always looking for material for this blog.

Once I write a blog, I email it to Tom who, with his genius and great creativity, somehow finds a really good graphic that epitomizes the blog content.  For his help, I am truly very grateful.

Some friends comment on my blogs directly.  However, I really do wish that everyone would share their thoughts with everyone by commenting on the contents of the blogs on the blog site.  Just click the comment key and write away.

On a lighter and more humorous side, some people now ask me if I am going to enter the priesthood!
Answer - NO.  That train left the station a long time ago for me and I just never had that blessed calling from God.  But, I do very much honor and respect all members of the cloth from this blogging ministry more than I ever did before.

Thanks for reading and commenting!

Let me know what you think.

Let the light of our Lord shine upon you!

REM (Ray Makowski) Co-Founder, Director and Secretary-Treasurer

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